Sellers: What You Need to Know About the Market Right Now

The Cape House Show: Episode 35

We’ve been enjoying a robust seller’s
market for a very long time now. This seller’s market is driven
partly by the economy – things are pretty good – but also by a lack of

When there’s a lack of inventory, sellers are kind of in the
driver’s seat.

However, we are noticing a shift right

For the first time in I can’t remember how long, we’ve actually had to
start doing price drops on some of our properties, and that is not something we
are used to.

This is a reflection of a little bit of a fussier buyer population.
Some of them are kind of burnt out; they’ve been shopping for a long time
and they’re like, “You know what? We waited this long. We’ll wait some more. We want
the right house at the right price.”

So, it’s not just that we
lack inventory.

We lack the inventory that people are looking for. What is on
the market right now largely are just a little
bit left of center. They might have some “hair” on it, if you will.

For example, you’ve got
to do a septic on it, or it’s got a funky layout that people just
don’t get, or it needs work.

That’s like the kiss of death: it needs work. Not too
many people are looking for houses that need work.

And if they are, they’re
looking for a deep discount, and that’s just the way it is.

So, sellers, if you
have a house that is a little left of center, my advice to you is to correct
any flaws that you can in the house. Leave as little as possible
for the buyer to deal with.

Now, if you’re not in a financial position to do it all,
it’s gonna have to give somewhere. You’re probably going to
have to lower the price on that house because buyers just aren’t going for it.
If there’s work to be done, they’re looking for a real deal on it.

So there’s my advice for you, sellers, the market has shifted, you need to respond,
or you will be sitting for a long time. And if you’ve already got a couple
of strikes against you, in terms of inspection issues or weird
layouts, don’t add on to that the stigma of being on the market for a long time.
That’s another kiss of death.

Work with a strong agent who will coach you to take your lumps as early
as you can, and get that house sold.


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