If you’ve gotten this far, I can tell you’re serious about your 2020 goals.

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This step is magic. It is a cure for analysis paralysis. Once you complete this step you will never have to ask yourself ‘What should I do today?’ ever again. Here it is:

For each focus area build out as many detailed action steps as you can think of so that on any given day when you’re feeling like, ‘OMG my life is so hard, I don’t know what to do’ you will have something you CAN do to move yourself toward the direction of your dreams! You can get really granular with this. In fact, the smaller the task is, the more likely you’ll do it, and the more momentum you’ll gain, so think small!

Continuing with the Money -> Organization -> Strategies example, some detailed action steps might be:

  • Login to my bank and write down that login info
  • Login to each credit card and write down that login info
  • Login to my student loan account and write down that login info
  • Spend 15 minutes setting up Mint
  • Find the websites of all 3 credit reporting companies
  • Print out my credit reports
  • Set up the file box and label the folders (pay stubs, IRS correspondence, bank statements, etc.)
  • Organize the bills in my wallet
  • etc.


Review past days in your Best Week:

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