2019 Year in Review

The Cape House Show: Episode 75


Alright, today we are at the end of the year. You can see we’ve got our Christmas decorations up. We’re just about done with all of this. We are at the end of 2019. So today we’re gonna do a little bit of a look back and see what happened in the Dennis-Yarmouth, Massachusetts market, just some fun little look backs. We’re gonna look at the most expensive house to have sold, and it might be the most expense house possibly ever on Cape Cod, maybe not all on Cape Cod, no, no, no, there was more, but maybe ever in Dennis and Yarmouth, the least expensive, the largest, the smallest, and which zip code was busiest. And this is the one that I find most fun to figure out and look at.

Okay, for starters, the most expensive property to sell in Dennis and Yarmouth in 2019 was (rolling tongue) 65 Crockers Path in East Dennis for $19.2 million. So this is actually almost 63 acres. It’s like a zip code unto itself. It has multiple dwellings. It’s got multiple building lots available. It’s just spectacular. 1,000 feet of beach on the bay side. Like, come on! And the houses that are on there are gorgeous. Really, really special property. Really very cool.

Then the least expensive property sold for $162,000! Yes, there are homes that can be bought under $200,000 in Dennis and Yarmouth right now. It was not the only one that sold for under $200,000. Yes, it needed work. So this was 37 Regional Ave in South Yarmouth. It had three beds, one bath. Man, it doesn’t take much to tune these guys up and make them into $300,000, $350,000 properties, sometimes even more. These opportunities come, I mean, this was sold in nine days. These come on and they come off the market pretty fast, and you can see why.

The largest square footage was, of course, 65 Crockers Path in East Dennis. So it’s 79,000 square feet, but that counts three residences, so I dunno if I should’ve counted that, yet I did. And the smallest, the teeniest, weeniest little house to sell in Dennis and Yarmouth in 2019 was 3733 Railroad Avenue in Yarmouth Port and it was 384 square feet. Like, the whole house. I think maybe one of the bathrooms in Crockers Path was about the same size as that. 384 square feet but it was on 3/4 of an acre, so I’m imagining that someone’s probably gonna do some knocking down and rebuilding there. I guess it had two garages on it, as well. So kind of a cool opportunity in these really small places and these really inexpensive places. You can turn it into something. And, y’know, if you have $20 million hanging around, you might be able to buy your own zip code.

Speaking of zip codes, the busiest zip code in all of the villages of Dennis and Yarmouth, and there are eight altogether, the busiest zip code was (rolling tongue) 02664! What is that? South Yarmouth. Yes, South Yarmouth was the busiest zip code and that’s pretty consistent. That is where we have a lot of neighborhoods, a lot of sort of like the meat and potatoes price points for our area in the 300s of there, so we see a lot of sales in South Yarmouth.

Alright, so there you go. We at the Cape House had an amazeballs year. We crushed our goals. We had a wonderful time. We met new people. We did new things. I really couldn’t ask for more, except I am. 2020 is gonna be even better. We’ve got great plans and I hope that you will be part of it. 



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