Best Apps and Tools to Use When Selling Your House

The Cape House Show: Episode 76

Okay, today let’s talk about that big transaction, you’re selling your house. Oh my god! How do you do it? There are so many things to know. Listen, one of the things you need to do is be organized. So I’m gonna give you three tools and resources that are really helpful to keep your head on straight while you’re going through this big transaction and transition.

Alright, number one is Slack. Slack is a communication tool that takes the place of text and email. I love it. I use it in my business with our team so that we know when you get a Slack message, it’s not a personal message, it’s not from like the office, it’s from the team. And we can share files, we can share images, we can share voices here, whatever we want. But it keeps the business stuff out of your personal texts and out of your super crowded email inbox, and you can use that with your real estate agent. (Yeah, me!)  And potentially, and with your lender, potentially with your attorney (you have to check I’m not sure if they have to stay on email or anything like that.) But I just adore it for very focused business communications. And it’s free!

Second is Trello. So, when you’re getting ready to sell, you have all sorts of things to do. You’ve got to prep the house, just to get the pictures taken. You’ve got to prep the house for showings. You’ve got to get ready to move. You know, all these, you have utilities to change over. All of these really literal workflows that you have to keep track of. Well, good news. Trello is a great place for checklists. You can assign tasks to different people. You can use it on your phone, you can use it on your computer, your kids can use it, your spouse can use it. You can share it with your real estate team. We can all work together on Trello to just keep yourself a little bit more organized and sane during this very insane time in your life. 

Finally, my third resource is Now, this is a website run by a woman named Marla Cilley. She is in North Carolina, and I just wanna hug her. She seems like the nicest person in the world. She created this website and it really is about keeping order in your house and blah blah blah blah, which is wonderful and incredible by the way and good for all year round. But she has this section there about moving tips and selling your house tips for like real people with families and dogs and cats, and it just gets you right down to the nitty-gritty, and she breaks things down into like these little tiny friendly bite-sized chunks so you’re like, oh I can do that. And I just love it. So, I highly recommend that one, and of course that’s free too. 

So, there you go. Three really awesome tools and resources to use when you are prepping to and in the middle of selling your home. Number one, Slack. Number two, Trello. And number three, If you missed any of those or you wanna hear more about that, or actually I’ve got a lot more tools where those came from, contact me today!



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