Dolphin Day!

(feat. ME)

The Cape House Show: Episode 77

Alright, guess what day it is? It’s Dolphin day! WOOP WOOP! Yeah, so notice my DY jacket. DY Dolphins, I am a Dolphin. Class of 1987 and once a month here on The Cape House Show we have Dolphin day where we talk to someone in the DY Dolphin community and we ask them a series of questions and what better Dolphin to start with on The Cape House Show than moi. So let’s get started. 

1. How long have you been a Dolphin?

Well Katie, I’ve been a Dolphin since 7th grade. Yep, I’ve lived in Dennis my entire life, thought I was leaving, said I was never coming back to this little, tiny town and then I did and I have no regrets. So I have been a Dolphin since I was in 7th grade.

2. What is your role in the DY district?

Well, I am an alum, I graduated in 1987, I am a mom of an alum. Well I’m just an active parent, I’m an active community member. I go to my town meetings, I guess that’s my role. Oh I also help out, sometimes I help out Coach Hoar at the high school with the track and cross country team.

3. What is your favorite thing about being part of the Dolphin family?

My favorite thing about being part of the Dolphin family is the legacy. I have really enjoyed having my daughter go to the same high school that I went to and have some of the same teachers and coaches that I did and sort of see that perspective and see other people, other legacy families putting their kids through. It’s kinda fun to see that sort of flow of things.

4. Cookies or brownies?

Cookies, I’m a cookie girl.

5. Dogs or cats?

Oh, don’t make me choose! But I do have dogs so I’m gonna have to say dogs.

6. Last book you read?

Okay the last book I read was “Free to Focus” actually I’m in the middle of that one now and the one before that was “Atomic Habits”. So good.

7. Name three people of the DY Regional School District or in the DY Dolphin family that I admire and appreciate.

Well I would have to say the number one person would be Coach Hoar. Coach Hoar was my track and cross country coach. I joined that team, I was a little chubby, and I was never an athlete and I only joined because I was like, what are those girls doing that they’re having so much fun. Turns out running’s hard and it’s actually not fun while you’re doing it but for some reason, I kept doing it. Anyway, he changed my life. He taught me that I can do anything that I set my mind to. Literally anything and I’ve taken those lessons through my entire life and it’s absolutely pivoted my path when I was in high school. So he’s one person that I really admire. Another person in the DY family that I really admire, actually, is my own kid. So Linny Clancy graduated last year from DY High School. She’s a freshman at Springfield College and she is crushing it but let me tell you something about Linny. This is a kid who struggled when she was in kindergarten, first grade. Had to work her butt off. Had to work extra hard, harder than other kids and guess what happens when you work hard, you people. You succeed and she is succeeding, she is happy, she’s healthy and she is doing amazingly well at school. And let’s see, what would be a third person that I really admire. That would have to be Carol Woodbury. Carol Woodbury is the Superintendent of our schools and she has been Superintendent for quite a while and she has had to see our district through some really tough times. We’ve had declining enrollment because our families, on the Cape we’ve had an issue with young families kinda, we’re losing ’em, we’re tryin’ to get ’em back though. We’re working hard to get ’em back. But she’s had to deal with this and with that comes all sorts of budget struggles and they’ve got a regional district so they’ve got to agree on things and there’s been all sorts of challenges. And she has handled it with dignity and with commitment to our kids and I admire that. I don’t want that job. No, not a job for me. Nope, nope, makes me sweaty even thinking about it.

Anyway, so, next month we are going to interview another member of the Dolphin community. Probably a kid. I’m gonna be looking for those boots on the ground people. I’m talking teachers, kids, parents, lunch ladies, custodians. I want you to see what an amazing community of people that we have here in the DY district.

Alright there it is. That’s all for now. If you want to see anymore about me or our team or things about our district come and contact us today!



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