Dolphin Day

(feat. The Burney Twins!)

The Cape House Show: Episode 80


It is Dolphin Day! Once a month we interview members of the Dennis-Yarmouth Regional School District. Last week we started with yours truly, moi’, go back and watch it. It was pretty funny.

This week is also going to be funny because I’ve got two pretty funny people with me. Maddie and Sam Burney. I’m not going to tell you anything else about them because they’re going to tell you!

1. How long have you been a Dolphin?

Maddie and Sam: Since kindergarten.

2. Alright so what’s your role? Who are you as Dolphins now What do you do? What grade are you in?
Maddie: I’m a…well we’re both seventh graders.
Sam: We’re in the theater program.
Maddie: I do sports.
Katie: Sports, which sports?
Maddie: Field hockey and softball.
Katie: Okay, awesome. Alright, Sam what else do you like to do at school?
Sam: My favorite class is science, I’m a nerd, giant nerd.

Katie: Oh, I love that! I have a degree in Zoology by the way. Don’t ask me why I’m selling houses. That’s a whole, long story.

3. What is your favorite thing about being a Dolphin? A D-Y Dolphin.

Maddie: I love the theater program.
Sam: Yeah, the theater program and the band is amazing.
Katie: I’m hearing a lot about the band and the theater program.
Maddie: We just have a great music program overall.
Katie: The arts seem to be really strong.
Maddie and Sam: Yes.
Katie: So tell me more about the band Sam.
Sam: Well, there, it’s a band. (laughs)                              Katie: Well, what’s so great about it?
Sam: Well, we do a lot of fun songs, and it’s really, just a really good band, with a lot of great people, who do really hard songs.
Maddie: I think we have a really great, inspirational director. He’s hilarious and he’s always doing fun activities that are learning, but also fun, like warming up and not talking for 15 minutes. Trying to figure out what he’s going to say.
Sam: I think that one was just a punishment.
Maddie: It was hard!
Katie: That’s awesome.
Maddie: I think it’s great because it’s where I met one of my best friends playing flute together, Olivia Pendleton. Her dad is actually the director of the band at D-Y.
Katie: At the high school, right?
Maddie: Yes.
Katie: Yeah, and Sam, you were telling me about the high school band and music program. What were you saying before?
Sam: The high school is amazing. They top the charts in the country for high school bands.
Katie: That’s what I understand. Yeah, that’s awesome. You think you’re going to join that band, maybe?
Maddie and Sam: Yeah, I think we both are.

Katie: That’s awesome, so glad to hear that!

4.Cookies or brownies?
Sam: Brownies.
Maddie: Brookies.

Katie: Ooh, we have a both-er over here.

5. Dogs or cats?

Maddie and Sam: Dogs.

6. Last book you read?
Maddie: The Giver.
Katie: Did you read it for school, or because you felt like it?
Maddie: For school, but if I read it for fun, it would be just as good.
Katie: Awesome, I did not have to read that book, but I heard it was good. Sam, what about you?
Sam: I read Ready Player One, before the movie came out. It was much different than the movie.
Katie: Is it really?
Sam: Yes, much better.
Katie: Did someone make you read it?
Sam: No.
Katie: You just read it because you wanted to. That’s awesome, you guys are rockstars.
7. Who’s your favorite Dolphin? Who’s your favorite member of the Dolphin community? (It’s okay to say me, but go on.)
Sam: I have three. It’s my favorite teacher, my ELA teacher, Mr. Hoffman. The Pink Power Ranger.
Katie: The Pink Power Ranger, Amy Jo. Thank you very much, we went to school together.
Sam: And those pink Dolphins in California.
Katie: (laughs) Awesome. Maddie, who are your favorite Dolphins?
Maddie: My science teacher, Mr. Ventula. My best friend, Sienna Losey. And, my music director Ms. Anderson, who’s also the director of our musical.
Katie: Who was also my music teacher (coughs) So, we actually have a special guest today that you guys didn’t tell me about. Actually I knew. Why don’t you come down? Who is this person?
Maddie and Sam: This is our mom
Katie: This is mom!
Christina: Hi!
Katie: Mom’s name is,
Christina: Christina Burney, formerly Mulhern also a Dolphin.
Katie: Christina Mulhern, also a Dolphin. So we have four Dolphins squished up on the couch right now. I love it. So, maybe Christina you can tell me a little bit about their jackets, or your jacket and Maddie’s jacket.
Christina: I got home from work and was asked to put this on. (laughs) This is my old track jacket from high school which I kept. That is my little sister’s, Erin Mulhern’s, coaching field hockey jacket.
Katie: So your sister was a coach and a graduate, and you were also a graduate?
Chistina: Yes.

Katie: This is pretty cool. This is awesome, I love this. Thank you guys so much for taking time to do this interview with me. I learned something about you guys that I didn’t know. Which is awesome!


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